My Magnolia Summer

On Sale June 6, 2023

Available in paperback June 2024

Escape to the South Carolina Lowcountry, where family bonds and hidden secrets run deep. In this gripping tale of self-discovery, Victoria Benton Frank introduces us to Maggie, struggling to find her place in the world when she receives a phone call bringing her back to her hometown of Sullivan’s Island.

In New York City winter never seems to loosen its hold and for South Carolina transplant Maggie (born Magnolia after the fairest summer flower) the balmy beach weather of April back home on Sullivan’s Island feels like a distant memory. Until a phone call from her sister, Violet, changes everything.

Gran, the treasured matriarch, has fallen into a coma after a car accident caused by Maggie’s troubled mother, Lily. But once Maggie returns, she finds that her hometown of Sullivan’s Island holds even more secrets. The Magic Lantern, the restaurant owned and run by generations of women in her family, is now rudderless, and her sister seems headed for a savage breakup.

Once she is between the marsh grasses and dunes of South Carolina, she feels herself changing like the Atlantic tides, rediscovering the roots she left behind, and a new and different version of herself—one who can see how a minor crash into the back of a very handsome farmer’s truck may become fortunate. Or perhaps it’s even… fate?

When the three generations of South Carolina women join forces—the family pillar Gran, troubled Lily, impulsive Violet, and redoubtable Maggie—anything is possible. 

With stunning descriptions of the magic of the Lowcountry, this novel will transport you to a world of treasured family traditions and unexpected twists of fate.

“No one can ever take the place of Dorothea Benton Frank, but by writing My Magnolia Summer, a novel of low country food, family drama, and just the right amount of romance, Victoria Benton Frank shows that she is the rightful heir to the crown of summertime storytellers. Her mother would be so proud.”
“Ideal and delightful summer read … MY MAGNOLIA SUMMER is a spicy novel that will tug at her heart strings, and makes an ideal summer read by the pool, the Isle of Palms, or even on Sullivan's Island.”
“Equal parts hot and sweet.”
“In My Magnolia Summer, author Victoria Benton Frank spins all the plates and brings all the magic of the lowcountry to life. A tale of the complicated relationships between mothers, daughters and let's not forget, sisters—this enchanting novel will bring romance and sunshine to your summer reading list.”
"My Magnolia Summer is a sensory treat and a mesmerizing tribute to the complicated strength and solace of family. Frank's warm and wise prose is splashed with just the right amount of wit in this sultry Lowcountry tale. With a delectable peek behind the kitchens of the best restaurants, a romp through the marshes of South Carolina, and a glimpse into the intricate hearts of sisters, this is a powerful debut. Proving that when things fall apart, indomitable women come together, My Magnolia Summer is enchanting, hilarious and insightful.”
"Southern fiction has a fresh, fabulous voice in Victoria Benton Frank who owns summer with her delicious debut novel. Put out the beach chair and pour the wine as Maggie Adams navigates her lost dreams in a family of strong southern women more powerful than their secrets. My Magnolia Summer proves you can go home again. Love, fate and family on the glorious shores of Sullivan's Island—book clubs rejoice!"